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Another way for monetization and promoting apps

fxonefxone Member
edited May 2013 in Announcements
Hi All,
Every indie developer struggles with the same thing: how to improve downloads without enough money? As we know professional ad campaign cost us 0.5-1.5$ for 1 download. How to get million downloads in one week without spending one cent? It's not easy but possible. Everyone from us can try. My first app (Street Pool) was rejected because of ugly graphic, but if you feel that your application is undervalued on the market, you should consider this. Send your Android app or link to Google Play Store, to one person from China, who can help you: I introduce you, lovely and helpfully Amanda Wang, manager from Letang Inc (part of Linktone Ltd, the big media company quoted on NASDAQ). We know each other couple of months, so she asked me about more indie developers like me but more talented. So I told her about this forum. Then she was kicked out from this place last days. But I hope that someone can get this contact useful. Especially they are looking for games with very good graphics like for example Mashballs, Crash Dummy, Clouds of Steel.


IMPORTANT! UPDATE of contact info:
NEW manager from LeTang Inc.:

Emma Guo skype ID is: emmaguoxiaoqian
Email: letangmarketing@gmail.com

more info about cooperation with LeTang Inc:

Dislikes: yvz5

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