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Pixel Blocks now available on Google Play and iOS app store! - Gideros Forum

Pixel Blocks now available on Google Play and iOS app store!

Hello again!
I just released my new game made with gideros.
Please check it out and tell me what you think!
It's called Pixel Blocks.
It's a fast paced match 3 game that focuses on using combos and items to get the highest score possible before time runs out.

Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give the game a rating and a review on either app store. Or both ;)


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  • jeromegsqjeromegsq Member
    Accepted Answer
    I install your app and I like it ! I find the app worked well, no bugs. I made only one party but I will continue to play :)
    I have a nexus 5.

    Some things to add :
    - The back button, a lot of people use this button on Android. I know Iphone doesn't have it but on Android this is very usefull.
    - The menu is very blacK. Maybe you can set another color or let the users choose their color ?
    -The Googlebilling issue could be more "user friendly", i mean a big error like this isnt very cool for the users. (see picture attached)

    Developper question :D :
    - Do you use scenemanager ?
    - Maybe you can remove the login button and when a user click on the leaderboards or achivements, googleplay show up automatically. I think you do this because on iOS this is different ? This is just a personnal opinion

    Good points :
    - Your game is very reactive !! Bravo !!
    - The videos to get coins are a good point too. And in france, 0.88€ to get infinite coins is a good point and will not erase the gameplay and the leaderboards because the users are limited to 3 bonus per party ! Very cool
    - The bonus inside the game are cool too ! :)
    - The how to play button is a good idea.

    [French traduction]
    Send me your xml or lua file which contains your french langage, i will make a better traduction for you :)

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    1080 x 1920 - 80K
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  • jdbcjdbc Member
    edited June 2015
    I have download it but works too slow in my Android BQ Aquarius mobile. I can not play on it.
  • totebototebo Member
    Awesome game. Love that you don't have to wait for the previous move to play out before you can make a new move. Good work!

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    My Gideros games: www.totebo.com
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  • larflarf Member
    @jdbc I'm sorry it runs too slow for you. I'll be giving it some performance updates when I can.

    @totebo Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it.
  • larflarf Member
    Thanks for your feedback!
    I'm glad you like my game.

    You gave me some good suggestions.
    I will try to make the changes you suggested in my next update.

    For your questions.
    I don't use scene manager.
    I do my own managing of windows and buttons, my code is kinda messy though.
    For the google play button, it should become darker and not able to press once the player has logged in. But, maybe you're right, it might be best to remove it once the player has logged in.

    Thanks for offering to translate it into french for me!
    I just used google translate for every language I support.
    I'm sure my existing translations are not very accurate.

    I sent you a private message because I'm not sure how to send you my french file.
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