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Real Time Multiplayer

ArtLeeAppsArtLeeApps Member
edited August 2013 in General questions
Hi all,

Ive always been curious to know, how real time multi-player games work.

A simple case: tic tac toe
- player 1 and 2 see a game board.
- player 1 places an "X" on the board.
- ? would you then upload the data for that move to a server eg. a json package {player=1,cell=5,shape="x"},
- ? the other application is polling for new data?.. and sees the server is updated, so it downloads the latest data and updates the screen.
- player 2, makes a move...etc

In full size game worlds, like WOW,Runescape,Habbo etc.. where you have a room full of players interacting, would that be the same principle ?

is this doable with Lua/Gideros ?



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