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How to use add push notification from parse.com

edited August 2013 in Plugins
Hi guys,

Sorry for this newbie question.

I try so hard reading the docs and readme files for notification. But still don't understand how to setup a push notification on my app. I'm trying to add parse.com push notification service into my app. My goal is simple, I need to inform the users when a new version application is available. Thats all, no ads or anything. I need this because I don't distribute the APK through google play store, rather from my own website. My app is a companion app for a physical book product. The app it self is free to download.

I still don't get the concept but I believe I don't need local notification feature. Just a push notification from parse.com (CMIIW)

So these are my questions:

1. Is it enough just to use parse SDK (from parse.com) to exported gideros project in eclipse, I'm following this link from parse.com : https://www.parse.com/tutorials/android-push-notifications . Or should I still need to also install notification plugin from gideros labs?

2. If I do still need to install notification plugin. where should I setup information to link to parse.com?


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