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Monster Mine is live on appstore


My release has been approved on both iOS App Store and Google Play, I am very appreciated if you could test it on your device and leave your suggestion. Thank you very much!!





Control your monsters in a mine world, dig down by matching monsters together and make them explode. Collecting copper, silver, gold and diamond to enrich your score. Dig fast and as deep as possible before the time run out, the deeper you dig, the more treasure you will find.


- Focus your matches on ones near the ground.
- Monster only dig dirt right below them, so try to focus on horizontal matches.
- There are also 3 levels of stone which takes more than 1 match to clear.
- Focus on the tougher areas first.

Truth be told, it is a simplified and cloned version of Diamond Mine mode of Bejeweled 3, so If you love diamond mine, for sure you will enjoy Monster Mine.

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