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Another newbie!

haldunhaldun Member
edited February 2013 in Introduce yourself
Hello everybody,
I am from Istanbul (the home of Gideros Team). I am a developer in enterprise & telco sector for years. Over the recent years, I wanted to start mobile development as a hobby, however I couldn't have found the passion to spend my spare time on this.

Now, I've a 2 yr old son who is obsessive to any kind of electronics. (As I result, now he owns an ipad. :)) ) I wanted to develop some app for him. May be, I can also earn some cash from this. $-) .

So, I started researching and one of my friends told me about Gideros. I thought, it was a great tool for me because I've no idea about x-code, blah, blah. And I don't own a mac for now too. I decided to use Gideros. I started learning the great language Lua. I've read most of the Lua book already. Now, at least I can read Lua book.

There are lots of discussions in the forum for beginners. My question is not on that. I will start with a simple flashcard application. I want the app to be multilingual. However I lack the multimedia resources.

For free pictures, I've found morguefile.com. It is enough for me now. However, I lack a site that provides free speech (e.g. names of fruits, animals) in English, and sounds of animals, etc. Also a free site that provides illustrations will be great. Any suggestions are wellcome.

Thanks to anyone who've read this long post.

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