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Device player not working

Tom2012Tom2012 Guru
edited January 2013 in General questions
Hey all,

I suspect this is a problem with my router but...

50% of the time the little blue play icon remains gray when I need to test on device.

* I can ping the devices.
* Can visit web pages on both devices

MacOSX, Wifi 3gen and 5gen ipod and iphone

I've tried:

1) Dynamic and static ip
2) Turning off ipod
3) Closing and restarting player app and Gideros studio
4) Assigning new IP in player and device

Restarting the router usually fixes things, but I can't always do that.

Wondering if there's anything obvious I can do?




  • Some times I have some problems, but closing and restarting Gideros player on the phone usually fixes it.

    So really don't know what else could be a problem.

    It's always hard to understand when it works in 50%.

    It would probably be easier if it would not work at all. But if it works sometimes, well my only guess would be that some other program is taking too much network resource (aka you are downloading something in parallel) or there are too many connections to the router, or something like this
  • I think I've had luck switching the studio player settings back to local and then switch it back to the device IP.

    Is there anything that happens like it ran and then there was an error and you can't get it to run again, or is this even on first tries?
  • Unfortunately for six month , i didn't have the possibilty to work with Gideros.
    Now I can do, but unfortunately I have same problem.
    With only difference, never start the android player.
    How I remember well, the old player never had this problem.
    I use iMac (10.7.5 ) and Android (Nexus S) and the latest version of Gideros also on phone.
    Thanks a lot for any suggestion
  • I had this problem on a BT Business Hub (BT is our main telephone provider in the UK) about 4 months ago (also wireless printer would go missing, as would a NAS). In the end I got rid of the router and got a new one and I haven't had a problem since. The routers they provide, and that a lot of other broadband companies provide, are worthless.
  • Thanks everyone.

    Guess it's time to get a new router. :D Sounds like the problem is specific to my setup.

  • evsevs Member

    If I get problems with my router network and Gideros Player, I create a network from the mac wi-fi icon, connect to that on the iPhone, which won't show an ip address in Gideros Player, then when I switch back to my normal router network everything works again!

    Dunno why


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