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My first game - Missile Defense Extreme - Gideros Forum

My first game - Missile Defense Extreme

This is my first game I have ever created and published.

I would like to give my special thank to Gideros, our community and all of you guys (especially @ar2rsawseen - I used a lot of thing shared from him and his website appcodingeasy.com)

Would you please try my game and leave feedback?

Thank you so much.




Defend our beloved earth by firing missiles against the deadly alien ships.

Fun and easy gameplay, a good game to relax and free your mind from your busy life.

There are many bonuses and power ups for you to discover:

- Bonus gift boxes randomly appear and add a random score depending on your luck.

- Three types of power ups randomly appear when you continuously shoot down a target:

+ Supernova: destroy everything in a second

+ Titanium missile: break through all enemies

+ Ice storm: freeze and slow down enemies

And one final thing, beware of the enemy warp gate, they warp alien ships into earth faster, making it harder to defend.
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