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edited January 2012 in Bugs and issues
Hi guys. I'm new to Gideros and I'm trying to make a game with gravity.
I noticed that objects seem to fall down with constant velocity. I tried to set linearDamping to zero (to check if air resistance was preventing the object from accelerating) but it seemed to make no difference.
I checked some examples (Collision Detection, Collision Filtering, Sleeping Bodies) and to me they all seem to have objects falling at a constant velocity instead of accelerating. Is it a bug? Did I miss some point?

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  • Mmmh, I just checked the collision detection sample. Definately gravity has effect on the crates and they speed up over time.
  • GregBUGGregBUG Guru
    edited January 2012
    same here!.
    Definately gravity has effect on the crates and they speed up over time.

    on "sleeping bodies example" try to change b2.setScale(10) to b2.setScale(40) and gravity became more evident...

    on my game never had problems with physics and gravity... (and is a game based on gravity and physics)

    like reccomended in box2d (used for physics in Gideros) i use b2.setScale(30).

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