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How can i get the score from gideros game? — Gideros Forum

How can i get the score from gideros game?

jakobiyemjakobiyem Member
edited May 2012 in General questions
Hi, we are developing an android application. And we used the game that is developed by Gideros Studios in the app. It has a menu for the game. But i have problem that i can't reach the score. I want to record this score to database. What can i do for this? Any answer will be great. Thank you.


  • avoavo Member
    edited May 2012
    Hi, do you mean the Game Template by AppCodingEasy.com?

    If so it looks like the high score is saved in a table called scores in the "app.txt" file by default, which you can load with dataSaver.loadValue("scores")

    *edited to fix
  • Actually i'm not. I mean that we are developing an android application in eclipse and it isn't game but it contains a game. The application has menu for some transactions and one of them is a game that is developed in Gideros by one of our friend. We extract the game as an android project, and integrated to our project. But i can't find the scores.

    So if i don't understand wrongly, it is not the same thing =). And sorry for any misunderstoods =).
  • There is no score object or method in Gideros where you can simply make a call to. You have to ask the developer of that game how he/she has stored the score and discuss with him/her how you can display it.
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