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Can we have many games in one apk? — Gideros Forum

Can we have many games in one apk?

mertocanmertocan Member
edited April 2012 in General questions
My friends developing an apk in eclips for android and they wanted to use my games in their apk. I will give my games to them. Can they edit games to use in their apk?


  • How do you define "my games" and "their apk"? Are you games a Gideros projects? Is "their apk" compiled from Gideros procejt?
    Basically, every *.apk file is a package, containing one "program". Usually, this program is just one game, but you can as well put many games into one executable. Just remember: one *.apk is one name in application repository, one set of permissions/abilities, one icon and so on. But what logic is inside the package is up to the developer.

    In Gideros Studio, every project maps to just one *.apk package. If you want many games in you *.apk (and you gideros project), you need to change your logic accordingly (basically: how to switch between games).
  • Apk will be developed in eclipse. I mean , when user starts that apk. In the menu there will me game1 game2 game3. User will choose one of these games. But games will be developed by gideros. Is that possible?
  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    We don't support it directly but you can develop each game independently and run them from a common menu. I think Gideros' object oriented structure makes it easy. (e.g. you can develop each game as an independent Sprite and add the selected game to the stage)
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