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updating xcode projects

piepie Member
Hi, I am sorry for another silly question: since xcode has a lot of settings that have to be made outside of Gideros, I wonder if I can keep an already set up xcode project, export the updated app from gideros and just overwrite the assets directory when I need to update my app.
I tried and it seems to be working but it feels "dirty" :smile: and I think it might not work so easy when there is a new gideros version.. am I right?

Thank you

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Yes, new Gideros versions may change a few code files, and if you enable encryption then the assets copied over won't be encrypted.
    Best route would be to make a plugin for Gideros to enable the specific settings you use in Xcode. Actually Gideros can already set a lot of them, so I am wondering which are those settings you need to change manually in Xcode ?
  • piepie Member
    I need to check but I'd say that most are missing images
  • piepie Member
    Yes, I checked: there are a bunch of images which are not exported by gideros even if they are set in the project properties. Maybe it's better to keep a copy of populated Images.xcassets and copy it inside the newly exported project instead of copying the assets folder. :)
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