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Is it possible to update sqlite3 plugin to a current version? — Gideros Forum

Is it possible to update sqlite3 plugin to a current version?

I am not sure how much work would it involve since I rely on the good heart of @hgy29 to build gideros because I am not proficient enough to touch gideros source code, however I noticed that the sqlite3 plugin embedded in gideros is still using version 3.7.17 (released in 2013 - print(sqlite3.version()) ) while there were many updates in the current sqlite3 development.

I can only hope that since there were no major releases (it is still 3.xx) nothing changed in dealing with it from the gideros side.. just asking if it's something easy to do :smile:

thank you

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    I don't like to update just because a new version is available, I'll find myself upgrading everything each day if I did. Is there some specific feature in latest sqlite that you specifically need ?

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  • Thank you for your interest @hgy29, I see your point and I agree with you: don't touch what it is working already :)

    The "new" features I'd like to use so far are UPSERT and FULL OUTER JOIN, but I think I've found a way to work around and obtain the same result using lua. Maybe it's not as performant as it would be but it's ok for my purpose until now.
    I don't know about the other features listed in the release history yet, I guess that some could come in handy sooner or later (along with the bugfixes and optimizations).

    I was asking if it was "easy" also because I guess that nobody use sqlite except me, even in this forum there are only 3 or 4 posts about it, one of which is this one :)

    I strongly suggest anyone to use it though, because it already is a really powerful tool to handle a lot of data: I don't understand why it's not so popular.

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Ok, so no urge on this anymore ? I use it myself too, so I may update it anyway at some point

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  • At this time it seems fine as it is, I will let you know if I am stuck because I am not able to workaround my needs (and it's good news knowing that you use it too ) :)
    Thank you a lot @hgy29

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  • piepie Member
    @hgy29 I've found some other feature which might make a difference: common table expressions and window functions might be useful.
    Those would allow for example to join multiple queries in a single one:
    "select 3 people who use glasses and 2 who doesn't"
    "select 4 players who already won 1 to 5 times and 4 players at their first match".

    However I already worked around that for the moment, so I am not asking you to update sqlite yet :)

    One question I have though is if it might be possible to allow sqlite plugin to do its stuff directly from the |R| folder (android) instead of having to copy the db in |D| before any operation on the db begins.
    Currently, LuaSQLite3 plugin cannot open databases stored in APK files. Therefore, database file should be copied from resource directory to documents directory.

    Thank you :)
  • piepie Member
    just to add more missing features: :)
    I could also make use of "PRAGMA integrity_check" and "PRAGMA quick_check" (https://www.sqlite.org/pragma.html#pragma_quick_check) the former should be already present in sqlite 3.7.17 but I can't get it to work.

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