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mac signing? — Gideros Forum

mac signing?

right now my mac exports do not run, unless the user makes some tedious things (allowing it to run in some hidden menu) and before that running something like:
chmod +x "myapp.app/Contents/MacOS/myapp"

so is there a way to somehow make my app run with less burden on the user? (without paying fees to apple)
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  • The problem also happens when installing an open Gideros on Macbook chip M1 (2016 MacBook pro, macOS Monterey)
    I can not open Gideros Player by pressing the icon on the icon bar of Gideros Studio. To open it and must find Gideros Player on the "Gideros Studio" folder and open it.
    And then when running the game on Gideros Player, some plugins can not load, for example, the JSON plugin.
    Coming soon
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