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Korean googleplay

Hi, I received a letter from a Korean store about transferring my games to their store

1) Target Channels.

Nowadays, we are focusing on local markets in global which is operated by local carriers and operators

There are 2type of markets on our list. One is the paid model market and the others are the Subscription market.

Subscription market receive a subscription fee from the user and give them unlimited access to premium contents

Since our markets are totally independent of the Google Play Store and iOS Appstore, which means our channels will not take away the users in the Play store and iOS.

Currently, we are working with more than 80 local channels in the whole of the world.

2) Requirements

2-1) Build:

- It is required to do some modification work to fit in our channels such as remove Ads, external links, etc.

Most of the works is very simple and easy. (Most of our partners said they can be done within a week.)

2-2) Marketing assets

- like screenshots, icon, and banner images.

3) General Process

3-1) Making the agreement

-Global local market Non-exclusive license(No Google Play and Apple AppStore)

-Revenue share model(50%:50% basically)

-2years of Initial terms

3-2) Submit the game to the channel’s screening process

3-3) Preparing the build

3-4) Launching

3-5) Settlement *quarterly basis

4) Others

Unlike the other publishers, we have our own developer console that you can easily check the status of your titles.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions about it.

Did you get that What do you think about it?
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