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Gideros 2021.2 Released

February Release of Gideros is ready, with its set of bug fixes and minor improvements on core functions.
I say 'core' functions, because otherwise ImGui plugin has been largely improved by @rrraptor, who is doing an incredible job! Many tahnks to him.

studio] Allow assigning a name to library files through tagging
[gfx/layout] Add a 'shrink' layout option
[gfx/pixel] Implement setAnchorPoint the same way as in Bitmap
[core/lua] Extend string.encodeValue and string.decodeValue functions to deal with 8,16,32 and 64 bit values, as well as handling multiple values at once
[plugin/imgui] 1.80 update
[plugin/imgui] Changed "ImGui:colorConvertXXXtoXXX" functions. Now it must be called without ImGui instance. Just use "." instead of ":"
[plugin/imgui] Added TextEditor widget with Coloring and Style
[plugin/imgui] Added fonts functions
[plugin/imgui] "FontAtlas:addFonts()" now returns table of fonts
[plugin/imgui] Added FontAtlas:getFonts()
[plugin/imgui] Added Font:calcWordWrapPositionA()

[studio] Fix dependency tags parsing
[studio] Remove memory limit setting for HTML (not compatible with wasm)
[plugin/scenemanager] Update scenemanager.lua: Replaced crossfade by crossFade for consistency between functions name. Plus removed some empty lines.
[plugin/iab] Fix iOS IAP support code
[plugin/imgui] Clipper fix
[plugin/imgui] Fixed sliders/drags
[plugin/imgui] Fixed demo windows functions
[plugin/imgui] Indices fix
[plugin/imgui] Fonts build fix
[plugin/imgui] Removed unnecessary assertions
[Library] 3D & luashasder: don't use features when they are not available

Download it from here:

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