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Gideros VSCode integration

antixantix Member
edited January 2021 in User experience
I've made some VSCode extensions to enable the use of VSCode as a Gideros IDE. All of the extensions can be found in the Extensions Marketplace by searching for "Gideros". Maybe other Giderians will find it useful, maybe not.

Gideros - A VSCode version of EmmyLua with integrated Gideros framework support. Framework support is implemented in the form of code completion and vanilla Lua syntax checking. At this time, syntax checking does not include support for Gideros Lua Enhancements.

Gideros Debug - A modified version of the VSCodeLuaDebug extension by devCAT.

Plastic Lua Wrap - A VSCode color theme for the Lua programming language, in the style of Plastic Code Wrap. This is not required, I just like this theme so much I had to recreate it for Lua!

The integration is in it's infancy and whilst it works (for me at least) there are some things that do not behave as expected:

Platform Support - The debugger is for Windows only so no Mac debugging will be possible without somebody with a Mac and the skills can recreate the debugger for that platform. Optionally post me a Mac and I'll see what I can do.

Code Completion - Some documentation might seem to be incorrect. This is basically because the Gideros Wiki is a bit of a mess.

Code Completion - Some documentation missing entirely. Once @hgy29 has modified his export script this should be resolved.

Syntax Errors - I haven't yet been able to figure out how to get the language server to accomodate for the extra operators that Gideros has, such as "+=" and so on. Whilst these are displayed inside VSCode as errors, your applications will still run.

Debugging - I have quickly modified the "debugee.lua" file to work with Gideros but have not tested it. I personally do not use this as I'm only interested in printing stuff to VSCodes Debug Console. If it's not working for you, let me know and I'm happy to try and help :)

Project Management - You still need to use Gideros Studio to manage your actual project, and of course export. I am currently thinking about adding another extension for project management.

Anyway... This rudimentary integration now allows me to use VSCode as my IDE for my Gideros projects, and I've immediately begun to code faster because of the incredible editing features that VSCode provides.
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