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Inconsistent crash on Windows - really stumped - Gideros Forum

Inconsistent crash on Windows - really stumped

I've been trying to solve a mysterious crash on a Windows game, and I'm running out of ideas...

An app I've had on the Microsoft Store for years suddenly stopped working for at least a couple of users, crashing after a few seconds showing the splash screen. The Microsoft Store developer dashboard has no details about the crash. One effected user has been a customer of my games for more than 10 years, and he's been working with me to try to resolve it.

Since the app hadn't changed, my first suspicion was that the installation of the app had been corrupted somehow. I published an update as a beta to the one customer, allowing him to update the app without losing his data (records of tens of thousands of fish caught over several years, placing him high on the global leader board.) That didn't help, so I suspected the app's saved data was corrupt, though in most cases the code is tolerant of corrupt data. I built him another beta that sent his catch history to a script that stored it in a database, and a one-off system to download and restore that data. That allowed him to uninstall the app complete and reinstall, knowing we could restore his progress (I plan to do something like this for all customers in the future.) But even after uninstalling and reinstalling, it still crashes on startup for him.

In the app I already had code in place to handle failed startups to help me with troubleshooting. At many points it appends an entry to a log file showing the last step completed. Some seconds after the app is up and running, it deletes that log. So on a startup, if the file exists, it shows that the previous run didn't start successfully, and adds that log to a database on my server, showing how far it got. I've used that to solve some other issues in the past. Whatever steps the code takes between the last successful log entry and the next one it should have taken next should include the code where the crash happened. Normally that's very helpful when I can't get a stack trace.

In the betas, I've also peppered the startup code with many more logged steps like that, to pinpoint exactly what the app is trying to do when it crashes, with each beta adding more to narrow it down until I'm logging steps for individual lines of code at the area where it's been crashing. That should pinpoint the exact point of the crash, but the crashes are not consistent from one run to the next. On one run it might crash seeding the random number generator. On another it might be when it tries to open a local file. In one case it failed after one log entry and another when no other code was attempted between them. I've built a version that sends a status update to a server at each logged step, rather than only when the previous run failed to start, and the data shows the same - failing very early in the startup, but not consistently at any particular step.

That suggests the problem is happening on some other thread than the Lua code, or triggered by some other software that's running. The user has checked for updated drivers, etc. I still can't reproduce the problem - both the general release and all the betas run fine on two Windows 10 computers. The user's computer's specs exceed that of the ones I'm using - ample RAM and drive space, etc. He runs many other games on it, and the only one that crashes is mine.

Unfortunately this is the short version of the story - I've been through many one-off builds trying to solve this over the past few weeks. I originally built with Visual Studio 2015, reinstalled that and the SDKs from scratch, originally built with WinRT export and and older Gideros, now updated to UWP with the latest Gideros and Visual Studio 2017, and for complicated reasons, switched to building on a different PC. Again, everything works as it should for me, logging all the startup steps of every run to my database, whether I'm running a clean install of the game or one I've run several times.

Is there any .ini file or registry entry left behind after an uninstall of a Windows Store application made from Gideros, something that could be corrupted and still around to cause trouble after uninstalling or reinstalling the app? I'm grasping at straws here. I know that in general, if a game used to work on Windows 10 and suddenly stops, it's a good bet some Windows update changed the environment and some hardware may not place nice until drivers get updated. But if his drivers are up to date, and other games and applications that use the graphics card, etc, work fine, and the application runs fine on other computers with fully updated Windows 10, where does one go from here?

I'd love to hear any and all ideas...



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  • antixantix Member
    edited February 13
    If the user knows the date the application stopped working they should check for windows updates around that time, especially device drivers.

    Maybe they could run system restore to around that date and test again.

    You could just publish a test case where you use an empty project and see if that does not work on his machine also.
  • Thanks for the ideas. I've considered both - asking him to do a system restore to back out of some updates, which might fix it for now, but if the issue is some incompatibility between some of the users hardware and the latest Windows update, the problem would likely return as soon as he updates again.

    I've also considered publishing a trivial Gideros app as a beta, without network access, plugins, or anything complicated, just to see if whatever the issue is applies to everything built this way. If it runs, I could try adding a module or plugin at a time and see if one particular one seems to be causing the crash. I don't know if or how that might lead to a fix, but it could conceivably shed more light on the cause.

    I might try either of those next. Still scratching my head over this...

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  • MoKaLuxMoKaLux Member
    edited February 13
    antix said:

    You could just publish a test case where you use an empty project and see if that does not work on his machine also.

    PaulH said:

    adding a module or plugin at a time and see if one particular one seems to be causing the crash. I don't know if or how that might lead to a fix, but it could conceivably shed more light on the cause.

    +1 here.

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