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Fragmentation — Gideros Forum


Could I just out my 8-bits worth in here and say how frustrating the forums are becoming recently? There are discussions on a number of topics all taking place at the same time in different threads. I've basically stopped reading since it is becoming a chore to follow these conversations between multiple threads.


  • This is what forums are for actually. Each discussion is going under its own topic:D
    But i understand your frustration hence i see you are trying to be active in all of them and try to help people. So the only advice i can give you is to focus on one subject and point your energy there, it can be more helpful.
    Some of the conversation in the forum can be moved to discord or some similar environment but then new comers can be out of discussion. Hence Gideros is open-source in my opinion we need everyone's help in any level. Some can just advertise, some can write code, some can help new members in the forum and so on ...
    Of course these are my ideas, if you want let's open another topic and let us discuss this there? (Just kidding :D )
  • @talis you have the wrong idea there. The issue is that there are multiple discussions not taking place in their own threads... they are in fact spread throughout a number of threads.

    The way a fourm generally operates is that each topic is contained within its own thread.

    The way this forum is beginning to operate is that a topic is spread throughout multiple threads. In my opinion, that is wrong.
  • Apollo14Apollo14 Member
    edited December 2019

    p. s. I agree, of course it's better to avoid fragmentation whenever we can : )
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