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Widget Library?

I'm a developer with a pretty diverse background in multiple technologies and I am looking for a free package to do some quick 2d prototyping and eventually some indie games. For prototyping I don't want to have to recreate standard UI widgets. Does Gideros come with a standard widget library or add-on package?

I've been developing apps in Flutter most recently (not 2d games) and I love being able to wip up a UI in a matter of minutes and spend most of my time on the game logic (where it should be spent).


  • Looks like Widget Candy is an option?
  • antixantix Member
    Accepted Answer
    @rss181919 Greetings. you have arrived a little bit prematurely :D

    There are currently several Gideros users creating User Interfaces but unfortunately none of them are quite ready yet.

    Widget Candy is an option but just be aware that there is basically no support from the person who takes your money.

    I fully agree with your comment regarding "whipping up" interfaces and that is what my application will allow you to do, just not until I finish creating it ;)
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