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Getting Started with Apple

Hi everyone! I'm trying to get a handle on publishing apps for iOS. I'm running... MacOS 10.14.4, X-Code 10.2.1, and Gideros 2019.5.

I've exported the jumping ball example from Gideros Studio for iOS, and used the require plugin and ticked "requires metal".
In XCode I've updated and migrated the project.
On building I get a ton of warnings and errors...
- Multiple "This function declaration is not a prototype" warnings.
- Multiple "Implementing depreciated method" warnings.
- Multiple "Pointer is missing a nullability type specifier (_Nonnull, _Nullable, or _Null_unspecified)" warnings.
- One "Unknown type name 'CAMetalLayer'; did you mean 'CATextLayer'?" error.
- One "No type or protocol named 'CAMetalDrawable' EAGLView.h" error.
- One "Conflicting return type in implementation of 'supportedInterfaceOrientations'" warning.

Can somebody help me with ridding myself of those errors please? :)
1920 x 1080 - 1M


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