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HTML5 export - ignores FPS setting from project properties? - Gideros Forum

HTML5 export - ignores FPS setting from project properties?

The project for my upcoming game has the frame rate set to 30 FPS in the project settings. The HTML5 version seems to disregard that and animate the scene at 60 FPS. For this game, a word puzzle, where the user doesn't have to time their actions, it's not a big problem, but for other games designed for 30 FPS it could be a serious issue.



  • Use the delta time so that it doesn't matter about the frame rate.

    in a ENTER_FRAME function with e as the parameter...
    -- usage:
  • PaulHPaulH Member
    I'm aware of some ways to limit the frame rate in the code, and may do that. I just thought it was odd that the frame rate seems to be limited automatically on other platforms, and possibly a bug in the HTML5 export.


  • No, that's not a frame rate limiter, it's a way to code your game independent of the frame rate.

    I think @hgy29 may be aware of the issue with the frame rate on html5, but you should check the github repo as that's the best place to post bug reports. :)
  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    On html, the frame rate is driven by the browser using JS requestAnimationFrame() call. I suppose we could skip frames in gideros to achieve half and quarter rates
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