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Infinite/repeated Tile scrolling? - Gideros Forum

Infinite/repeated Tile scrolling?

I have a set of tiles aligned both on x and y axis. If a player hold presses on a tile I want them to be able to swipe horizontally or vertically to rearrange the tiles directly left/right and up/down of the pressed tile.

The main problem here is say if a player is sliding the tiles right. The furthest right tile is sliding out of frame and that'll be the tile that needs to slide into frame. I thought about just keeping track and always duplicating/removing tile to simulate the effect, but that seems very tedious to keep track of.

Was wondering if there was any better solutions to this problem?


  • You should maintain a copy of the map in a table with an index into the update column/row - then you know what needs to be updated on the left/right top/bottom as it does it. It should be faster to read from the table than the tilemap itself.
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