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viewing outside of the player — Gideros Forum

viewing outside of the player

is there a way to view (gideros player) outside of the frame where we define our logical width and height?
like the box2d collision example, where the box is created outside of the frame with the value -ve
i would like the option to see it, as i want to make a platformer type game where the "stage" is bigger then
the screen size, i hope i'am making myself clear


  • PaulRPaulR Member, Maintainer
    Hi, yes of course! You can make a tilemap (or any sprite) that is much bigger than the screen size and move it around. Have a look at the Desert and the Sewers examples to see.
  • @hoangnganvy1993 Just right-click on the project in the tree, set the scaling mode to whatever you like - it's most likely set to none. "Stretch" is a good one. Then run the demo again.

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