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IAB and GoogleBilling — Gideros Forum

IAB and GoogleBilling

Theres a Plugin GoogleBilling in Reference and IAB interface. I want to ask

1) Is IAB working with GoogleBilling plugin, or this is different things ?
2) Why in plugin manager absent GoogleBilling plugin, but IAB is there ?
3) Can I use GoogleBilling plugin separately of IAB , through include ?
4) Why theres GoogleBilling plugin if we have universal IAB interface ?

My app gets permission on billing only when IAB is added in plugin manager, it seems GoogleBilling plugin cannot been used separately.

My target is just - the easiest way to implement inapp purchasing, how to achieve this ? IAB seems very good choise.


  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    You should go for IAB, GoogleBilling is an old plugin that hasn't been moved to automatic plugin integration system since its functionnality was covered by IAB.
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