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High GPU and CPU on idle Gideros player - Gideros Forum

High GPU and CPU on idle Gideros player

kussakovkussakov Member
edited September 6 in General questions

Why would idle Gideros player (just started, no app running) use very high GPU and CPU?
GPU 55-80% (Nvidia GeForce GT 640M)
CPU 12-25% (Quad code i7 hyperthread, 3.5GHz)

I use the player in high resolution. In lower resolution the GPU and CPU usage is less and I understand that the video card and the CPU are nothing special, but still... it is idle.
See the attached image.

I started playing with the player options. When I checked "Use VSYNC" (which was unchecked before) - the idle GPU usage became 0 and the CPU usage close to 0. Nothing else changed(the apps run and look the same).

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