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High GPU and CPU on idle Gideros player — Gideros Forum

High GPU and CPU on idle Gideros player

kussakovkussakov Member
edited September 2018 in General questions

Why would idle Gideros player (just started, no app running) use very high GPU and CPU?
GPU 55-80% (Nvidia GeForce GT 640M)
CPU 12-25% (Quad code i7 hyperthread, 3.5GHz)

I use the player in high resolution. In lower resolution the GPU and CPU usage is less and I understand that the video card and the CPU are nothing special, but still... it is idle.
See the attached image.

I started playing with the player options. When I checked "Use VSYNC" (which was unchecked before) - the idle GPU usage became 0 and the CPU usage close to 0. Nothing else changed(the apps run and look the same).

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