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Facebook plugin "Error feed" - Gideros Forum

Facebook plugin "Error feed"

Hi everyone, in the couple last days I get an error after posting on facebook through my game. Although the post is uploaded correctly I get "error feed" in console. Anyone else has the same problem?

require "facebook"

facebook:addEventListener(Event.LOGIN_COMPLETE, function()
print("login successful")
facebook:dialog("feed", {
link = "http://google.com",
picture = "https://img.talkandroid.com/uploads/2013/07/google_play_logo_text_and_graphic_2016.png",
name = "Test",
caption = "Awesome Game",
description = "Check out this awesome game"

facebook:addEventListener(Event.DIALOG_ERROR, function(e)

facebook:addEventListener(Event.DIALOG_COMPLETE, function(e)
print("dialog complete", e.type)
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