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iOS OpenAL memory leak when playing Sound many times - Gideros Forum

iOS OpenAL memory leak when playing Sound many times

EricCarrEricCarr Member
edited August 6 in Bugs and issues
Memory testing my platformer and noticed every time two sounds (.wav) play together (or even the same sound over and over in a short period of time), it a creates memory leak when monitoring in the Instruments app.


This was happening on an older player (2017.11?) so I updated to the latest (2018.6.3) and the issue still is there. I'm guessing it's been there since the switch to openAL.

This url suggests a possible fix:


Other details: In my platformer (similar to mario), there are tons of sounds playing, so it adds up quickly.

Usually after a few hours of testing, after leaving the app and returning to it, sometimes no sounds will play and I have to kill the app to get sounds working (mp3 playing in the background works fine).

I cache all sounds into a global variable and issue : play() on them as needed.

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