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Currently working on another Gideros project and enjoying it. Gideros is the best tool for the job, but I have a couple of suggestions for the UI. :)

1. File system view. My filter structure always matches my folder structure, and it's a little inconvenient to have to maintain them both, when they're the same, if that makes sense? So it'd be nice to just have a file system view, which looks and acts the same as the library view, except instead of filters it just shows your folders and they reflect the real folder structure of your project. Or maybe an alternative would be to have an option when you first create the project to not use filters, and the library view just reflects the folder structure instead for that project.

2. When you double click an error, focus on the editor text box and put the cursor on the line that the error is talking about. I find that often you double click on the error and nothing happens, or the text box scrolls a little but doesn't focus on the editor text box, and when you do focus on it, it's not on the line of code that the error is talking about. At the moment I get around this by using Ctrl+G and going to the line the error is talking about, but it's a little frustrating.

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