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2012.2.2 and Android back button. - Gideros Forum

2012.2.2 and Android back button.

GregBUGGregBUG Guru
edited March 2012 in General questions
1st. thanks to Gideros team for the update.

with the new player 2012.2.2
if i press back button (on android device obviously) the apps do not exit... the only way to exit the apps is the press home button (but the application is not closed it's only minimized)
and i like it or almost :-?

i mean in 2012.2.1 version when i was playing with "GidHelix" sometimes i pressed back button "accidentally" and the game exit ! (and i do not like it)

but i think i would very very useful if we can have an event "BackButton pressed" on Android devices
when user press the back button and decide what to do (ignore or close the app or do something else (like a message box that ask if close or not the apps)).

i know that in iOS devices there is no back button but under Android it's importat to manage
this things in a better way... i think...

my 2 cents.

Ciao Gianluca.

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