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Regarding the lag situation when using TNT Particle Engine (v16) - Gideros Forum

Regarding the lag situation when using TNT Particle Engine (v16)

newbie2018newbie2018 Member
edited April 2018 in General questions
Hi All, i am coming from myPrevious Post.

(Be honest, I haven't picked up the native particle engine from Gideros yet...)
Currently, i am using the v16 of TNT Particle Engine.

This time, I do initialize particle first before using subsequently. Everything works well in my desktop. But when export to an android app, i notice a significant lag. (T.T)

Here I attached a mini project for demo.
In my game page, i have around 10 items, with each has the possibility to 'generate 4 types of particle effects'.
self:initTapEffectWave() --1 big wave 
self:initTapEffectSparkle() --15 sparkle
self:initTapEffectFlashP2() --3 flash
self:initTapEffectFlashP3() --8 flash
Here i use the scenemanager which navigates from Home to Game page. And you will notice a lag during the navigation.
If I only execute initTapEffectFlashP2(), there is no lag at all.

So... my question is, is it i have hit the limits? How should I init so it won't lag? (or minimize it)
My Phone Spec: 2GM RAM
Android: 6.0

The lag also happens during game play. But my mini project only demo page navigation.


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