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Curious about the Ads Interface plugin (Workflow, how-to) - Specifically Admob - Gideros Forum

Curious about the Ads Interface plugin (Workflow, how-to) - Specifically Admob

newbie2018newbie2018 Member
edited February 2018 in Plugins
First, I did read a number of forum posts here and have finally been able to show some ads using Gideros plugins :)

But I have some questions about how you guys normally use it? (correct me if I am wrong. Hope you don't mind I ask in one post)
Statement 1: 'requires 'ads' only works in device, not desktop player'
- At the moment, I have to comment + exclude the the file containing any 'ads-related' line during debugging. Only at the final stage (exporting APK to device), then only I remove the comment or include those ads-related file. Is that the way you normally do?

Statement 2: ClientKey and Ads Key are optional at the UI

Since we are able to specify in the code, so there is no need to specify in the UI right? Or if I fill in here, I could skip that at the code?

Problem 3: What are all these "Installation Android" guide for?

Sorry I have no idea what is this for? So far I am able to show the ads in Lua, at which stage would I need this?

Statement 4: I only need to call 'LoadAds' once right?
As observed, the interstitial ads only require one time calling of 'LoadAds', after the ads is displayed and dismissed, it would be automatically 'Loaded' subsequently, such that, I just need to call 'ShowAds' later on.
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