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Error loading a file in HTML5 — Gideros Forum

Error loading a file in HTML5

NinjadoodleNinjadoodle Member
edited November 2017 in General questions
Hi guys / @hgy29

I'm using Physics Editor (Code and Web), to export physics shapes.

In the Android / Desktop players, loading the physics lua file as per the instructions, works fine.

scaleFactor = 1.0
physics = (loadfile "physics.lua")().physicsData(scaleFactor)

In HTML5 however, I seem to get an error.

Is there anything I can do about this?

Thank you!


  • @Ninjadoodle Which error? Open the browser console and see if you can be more specific about this :)
  • NinjadoodleNinjadoodle Member
    edited November 2017
    Hi @pie

    Sorry, I forgot to post that! Here is what I get ...

    [Warning] WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: framebufferRenderbuffer: no framebuffer bound (gideros.js, line 1)
    [Log] physics.lua Not found in archive (gideros.html, line 103)
    [Log] *callFile* stack NOT ok begin:1 end:3 delta:-1 (gideros.html, line 103)
    [Log] main.lua:2: attempt to call a nil value (gideros.html, line 103)
    stack traceback:
    main.lua:2: in main chunk
    (luac): in main chunk

    No issues running it in the Android player tho.
  • piepie Member
    Accepted Answer
    Maybe it's a wrong guess, however it is worth a try before hgy29 finds the time to give you a true answer.. :P did you set physics.lua as 'excluded from execution'?
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  • @pie - no I didn’t and excluding it fixes the problem in html5!

    Thanks heaps for your help :)
  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Accepted Answer
    Yes, @pie is right, and you would have to do the same for all exports, not only HTML5

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