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Global GEventDispatcherProxy? - Gideros Forum

Global GEventDispatcherProxy?

CarolineCaroline Guru
edited March 2012 in Plugins
I've spent many hours bumbling around experimenting, and I was wondering if it's possible to have a global Event Dispatcher in a plugin.

For example, in the loader function, I create a class inherited from GEventDispatcherProxy, and store the address of that class in a lua global variable.

Then I could call the dispatch event from any Objective C method, and I wouldn't have to bind things all the time.

I've tried various ways of doing this, and it doesn't work :(. ie, it looks like it is dispatching the event, and the lua stack all looks good, but Gideros never receives the event.

The main difference I can see, when tracing this funky global one vs my sample plugin, is that my GEventDispatcherProxy class doesn't have an EventBinderMap reference, but I don't know what that is. (I'm guessing that I have to bind things all the time and this whole premise is unsupportable)


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