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anyone ever tried world creator? — Gideros Forum

anyone ever tried world creator?

piepie Member
edited September 2016 in Forum talk
I found this software which looks promising from the screenshots, and includes a lot of ready to use textures in its "mega" release.

Unfortunately there are no videos available to see how it works, and the gui seems to be really confusing.
I was wondering if anybody has ever used it, and if it's worth its price (there are no examples of the textures included, nor a "texture names list" to understand if it's worth to buy the "mega" pack).

I'd rather give to gideros development instead of wasting money on other tools, but if this works as advertised it could be a great time saver, and you can draw a lot of assets mixing textures "without the need for a real artist".

What do you think about it? :)
Thank you


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