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Layout — Gideros GUI framework



  • n1cken1cke Maintainer
    ◘ Added ability to zoom and scroll sprites, see "zooming" example. Should be useful for strategy games and arcade puzzles with big fields.
    ◘ Updated hit detection.
    ◘ Some minor fixes and improvements, for example template grids can have empty database.

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  • keszeghkeszegh Member
    hi @n1cke, sorry for not checking more the errors/problems i had with the layout class, in fact i tried the latest version briefly and i still had problems, so i had to revert to an earlier version that i modified to fit my needs, which seems to work ok (except that i had to disable scrolling by touch as it did not work consistently, so now only scrolling using the scrollbar is allowed).

    i'm afraid i do not have much time to test more nowadays. meanwhile, thanks for your efforts.
  • piepie Member
    I am sorry to bother you @n1cke, I just noticed that the Layout example project on github crashes my windows and android player on launch. I am on the latest release of both.
    I noticed it first on gideros 2017.8, but it happens also with the previous gideros releases I tried.
    It's not Layout.lua alone, because I can use it in other projects.

    Thank you :)
  • n1cken1cke Maintainer
    edited August 2017
    Hello, guys.
    For some reason in new Gideros versions cached fonts work differently and now some fonts can crash Gideros player. If I remove some charsets from "init.lua" file of Layout example project then it works flawlessly, for example with this charsets:
    local charsets = {
    I have fixed github repo, thank you, @pie.

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  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
    edited October 2017
    @n1cke I think this should now be fixed, but I think you should instead set the cached font to "" initially. This will put the font into a mode where it automatically adds characters AND will be able to use multiple textures - to avoid this crash.
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  • Hi,

    Just a quick question. Can Layout be used with the scene manager?
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