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test on device via internet without Gideros IDE

grotlygrotly Member
edited March 2016 in Suggestions & requests
I was able to come up with a simple solution for the following workflow: write Gideros code on Cloud9 (c9.io) and then deploy and test on my android device (connected to internet), without using Gideros IDE.

Cloud9 has github and bitbucket integration and it can sync with Dropbox


Then, I have FolderSync on my android phone that can sync the game Dropbox folder with the Gideros Player project folder. So far so good, everything work smoothly, I can have my changes from cloud9 synced with my folder in Gideros Player on my device in a few seconds. I can then start Gideros Player on my device and test.

But I wish I had two more features for Gideros Player:

1. Restart the game without killing the player (something like CMD-R on Gideros Player for Mac). Maybe a double click on the device "back" button?

2. I wish the device player could display the errors. At the moment if the game doesn't start I can't figure out why.

Any chance we can have these two features for the next release? Or maybe they exist already but I am not aware of them?

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