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My Admob Test Project

turker2000turker2000 Member
edited January 2016 in Plugins
Hello there. There's something I can not be sure when I look at all the documents. Should I build my Admob Ads Test project on Local Gideros Player or Android Gideros Player not run? I can test it as an (for Android) .apk only by exporting project?


  • edited January 2016
    @turker2000 yes you can make your own a android gideros player that run all plugin (in theory). Just follow these steps:
    1. Export project to eclipse and add admob plugin (ads plugins).
    2. Try to run on real android device and be sure that admob show on real device.
    3. From eclipse project, delete all content in assets folder. And then export to device again, that will be your android gideros player to test admob.
    4. (We can not test admob on desktop player, let build it to real device)

    In summary, When you delete content inside assets folder, put it to your device and then you have a player!
    Coming soon
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