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TileMap incorrectly culling tiles when using perspective camera - Gideros Forum

TileMap incorrectly culling tiles when using perspective camera

tetetete Member
edited November 2015 in Bugs and issues

I've been using Gideros in the couple past days, and I like the experience so far :). Thank you all for the good work!

I've encountered a first problem though which feels like a bug. Namely, when using TileMap with the perspective camera (through Application:configureFrustum), the outermost tiles are being culled on the screen, most likely due to the culling computations not taking the Z coordinate into account. I have found another topic which seems to be related: giderosmobile.com/forum/discussion/5557/what-about-some-basic-3d-support-in-gideros-/

I've attached a minimal project to showcase the issue. Hopefully it's only me who does something in a wrong way ;).

Also, the documentation for Application:configureFrustum doesn't include the nearplane parameter which actually seems to be there in the underlying code. However, even when not using it explicitly, and it being defaulted to 0 (github.com/gideros/gideros/blob/983bdfd7ef307e48fd91a36231820242d8d93b23/luabinding/applicationbinder.cpp#L650), I can still put objects with the positive Z coordinate, and these objects only get culled at some random (as in: not obvious), big positive Z number.

P.S. "You can't post links" forum message is a bit unexpected...


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