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trouble with googlebilling in the apk file

BrooksieBrooksie Member
edited October 2015 in Bugs and issues
I'm having a bit of trouble with the googlebilling plug in. It appears to work with the Gideros Player, but the trouble starts when I export to an Android application.
The steps I'm taking are:
* I'm using Gideros Studio 2015.08 on a Mac
* I export to Android and the Eclipse template (selecting encryption for code and assets)
* I import this to Eclipse
* At this stage, the project does not contain the libgooglebilling.so plug in under libs/*/ so if I export to APK, transfer to my Android phone and run, then the app dies when it reaches the "require("googlebilling")" command in Lua.
* In order to try and fix this, I copied the libgooglebilling.so files from /Applications/Gideros Studio/All Plugins/googlebilling/bin/Android/libs/*/ to each of /libs/*/ (making sure I copied the appropriate file for each architecture)
* In Eclipse, I refresh the files to pick up these new libraries.
* I modify the /src//Activity.java file by adding "System.loadLibrary("googlebilling");" below "System.loadLibrary("bitop");"
* rebuild the APK, copy it to my Android phone and run. It dies straight away with the following error:

signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0000002c

#00 pc 0004c526 /system/lib/libdvm.so
#01 pc 000047f8 /data/app-lib/com.swiftsoccer.www-2/libgooglebilling.so (ggooglebilling_init+144)

(these look to be the relevant lines from the stack dump but let me know if you think the whole thing would be helpful)

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? The in app billing is the last thing I need in order to publish my app to Google Play, so keen to resolve this.

Many thanks,


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