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Correction GiderosCodingEasy.lua

yubaroyubaro Member
edited October 2015 in Bugs and issues
Hi guys!
I noticed a low resolution when using some bitmaps or textures, the mistake was in GiderosCodingEasy.lua
I could solve some fixing the code. Make these changes and see the difference.
If I'm wrong please correct me.

Line 704: pack = TexturePack._new(txt, png))
Change by: pack = TexturePack._new(txt, png, true))

Line 728: local bitmap = Bitmap._new(arg[1])
Change by: local bitmap = Bitmap._new(arg[1],true)

Line 1167 : local font = Texture._new(unpack(arg))
Change by: local font = Texture._new(unpack(arg), true

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