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random (but early) crashes on certain devices: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) and gles_state_set_error... - Gideros Forum

random (but early) crashes on certain devices: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) and gles_state_set_error...

keszeghkeszegh Member
edited June 2015 in Bugs and issues
I noticed that on my new phone the app (in the player apk and from eclipse as well) randomly crashes, i get the following two kinds of errors in eclipse (as there was no debug info in gideros):
06-04 14:50:18.194: A/libc(1972): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x0000000a (code=1), thread 1972
06-04 14:49:41.762: E/MALI(1415): gles_state_set_error_internal:57: GLES error code:0x502

so on my tegra2+1gb+android4.0.* device it's working without problems, also on windows player there is no problem at all but on my xperia e4g (mtk chip)+1gb+android4.4 i get the above errors
also on an lg l40 (also android 4.4) it freezes, i did not connect it to eclipse, but i assume the problem is the same.

from zbstudio i tried to debug line-by-line but in fact the error happens at different points so it its not related to a specific line.

i think it may not be even directly related to the new version of gideros, with 03.22 version it also crashed on my phone (i did not try it with eclipse).

any ideas? it's a bit frightening that on 2 devices out of 3 my game is not running. perhaps it's related to the android version?

further observations: there are some movieclips i initialize, around 10 of them, all with around 10-20 bitmaps of size ~450x250, the crash happens during this most surely - even if it varies exactly when. if i comment out this part then i can run my game and it crashes a bit later at a more or less random point soon, but i suspect it's always during when some bitmap.new() is happening.


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