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Cross platform native bridge

hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
edited March 2015 in Plugins
I am looking for a way to access platform dependant features directly from lua, so that I could write pure lua plugins dealing with, say, bluetooth for exemple.

For now I have found HotWax for iOS and android bridge on the other side. What would have been really nice is having native access compiled in core gideros (no plugin at all). Also, it looks like there has been some attempt to make a both iOS and Android native bridge plugin (plugins/native in github), but I could find any indication about its actual status. I am not sure which way I should go... Helping develop/finish a core native bridge, or using hotwax plugin + android native bridge ? What about desktop, would be nice to call windows DLL from lua also.

I'd like to get your advice/opinion regarding this matter, things are not yet clear in my mind.


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