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List of Local Notifications empty & other Notification plugin issues - Gideros Forum

List of Local Notifications empty & other Notification plugin issues

SimplesAppsSimplesApps Member
edited February 2015 in Plugins
Hi giderians,

Working with the plugin notifications I have detected some issues (for iOS).
The next issues are working under Android but not under iOS (7.1.2):

1) When I'm trying to retrieve the list of all dispatched local notifications (in order to manage it) the table is empty, although I see the notification was showed (for Android is working).

2) Although you set a concrete sound (with "setSound" function) the default sound is used (under Android is working).

3) The repetition time for "dispatchAfter" function is ignored (for both Android & iOS). The notification is ever repeating with the after time value provided.

For Issue #1 you can test it (under iOS) like this:

1) Schedule a local notification with id "1" in the app.
2) Left the notification was showed for the app (after close it) and don't delete it.
3) After that execute the app again and if you check the local notifications showed table (with "getLocalNotifications()" function) you'll see that is empty:

mgr = NotificationManager.getSharedInstance()
t = mgr:getLocalNotifications()
"t[1]" table is empty.

Could someone check these issues?

Many thanks.
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