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[SOLVED} Is it possible ignore Ads plugin when testing over WiFi? - Gideros Forum

[SOLVED} Is it possible ignore Ads plugin when testing over WiFi?

simwhisimwhi Member
edited February 2015 in Plugins

Is it possible to ignore the ads plugin while testing over WiFi?

I have implemented an adManager for native ads as well as our own house ads. I just want to use the Gideros player over WiFi and bypass the native ads. It works fine on the desktop as I detect the platform.

Here's the code:

if self.platform == "Windows" then
print("Windows platform")
return true

--initialise admob
self.admob = Ads.new("admob")
-- remove this line on app release
self.admob:addEventListener(Event.AD_FAILED, self.onAdFailed, self )


Many thanks

EDIT - This was a newbie mistake. The solution is to create a new Gideros player without any assets!!! I should have read paid closer attention to the documentation. Basically, I wanted to test my house ads and incorrectly thought that I would have to bypass the native ads. I hope this helps someone else.

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