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Game Development Partner/s

CyberienceCyberience Member
edited September 2014 in Building a team?
As a single Programmer, I have limited time, I draft some game concepts onto my ipad, and half way through one of the games, I would like to find someone who likes to right games as a hobby. here is my proposal.
Option 1) Work on my idea, part time, weekly communication, or more if needed, will pay a fixed Monthly fee, around US$500 per Month. (<- hence part time, possibly hobby and earn a few dollars)
Option 2) Partner with me, share the coding, and we share any revenue generated. Terms can be discussed.
Option 3) Your a game company, and would like to high me to run a development Arm, and supply the resources needed to achieve the games/applications agreed upon.

Thanks for any feed back, interest or suggestions.
REAL programmers type copy con filename.exe


  • jdbcjdbc Member
    edited September 2014
    What about sharing Gideros source code game. The idea is simple, a developer gives a source code of a completed game and receives another source code from another developer. Win and win model, a new game to reskin without any cost and a lot of code to learn.

    I could be interested to share my own Arkamania source code with the source code game developed by another Gideros developer in order to reskin it and to learn from this code.

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