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Long time to load banner

godrargodrar Member
edited August 2014 in Plugins
I migrate from the old jar to new Google Play lib Admob plugin. My problem is long time to load banner - 60s or more. On old libraries banners load very quickly (few seconds). What is wrong? Please help.


  • I also migrated to the Google Play library and the same happens to me. I even have to wait for interstitials making them disappear before even showing up. However, I was a bit relieved when a friend of mine sent me a video he recorded of my game. For him the ads showed okay. Still I don't know what's the problem, though.
  • Hi Disciple!

    I have no problem with interstitials.
    Can you share AdMob.java code? I want to compare the code.
  • Sure, I read yours too; didn't compare them, though.
  • Files are similar :|
  • Yeah, pretty much the same I guess :/ Have you tried how your ads load on another device?
  • Do you think it is a difference between devices?
    Or maybe a difference between debug/test enabled version and release/production version?

    Because I could only guess, but on debug/test version, ads are maybe not preloaded and cached, cause that would make sense for testing purposes :)
  • On my three devices is the same.
    I found this link:
    and I solved the problem:
    adView.setAdListener(new AdListener() {
      <a href="/profile/Override">@Override</a>
      public void onAdLoaded() {
  • I tried that out and worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing! :)
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