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Sublime Text Build/Run package - gdrbridge getlog help

eezingeezing Member
edited July 2014 in Plugins
I started throwing together a Gideros build package for Sublime Text with hopes to one day have a complete IDE alternative to Gideros Studio and ZeroBrane.

I'm interfacing with gdrbridge via Python subprocess and have the current functionality working:

With project open in Sublime:

- Set IP address for target player
- Run project @ target IP
- *Output to Sublime console

Here's my question:

The current output to console functionality is a infinite while loop that calls gdrbridge getlog, then prints to Sublime console if needed:

sleep = 1 / 60

while True:

log = getLog()

if log:
print log


Is there a better way to go about this? This is new territory for me and not sure if there are more efficient methods for this kind of thing.

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