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Dispatch an event vs callback

CarolineCaroline Guru
edited February 2012 in Plugins
I'm a little confused as to when to dispatch an event, and when just to do a direct callback.

It makes sense to me to dispatch events in games, when many objects may be listening, but with UIKit items, such as a button tap, then very likely only that one button is listening. Or if you have a delegate callback from selecting a UITableView row, it would make sense to me to make that a callback rather than dispatching an event.

In Objective C, I would be doing a one function call on pressing a button. I think the NSNotification is the equivalent of dispatching an event, and I try only to use very few in an app, as they are fairly hard to keep track of.

This means that if I were to have a UIButton then I wouldn't have to inherit from GEventDispatcherProxy. Would I? I could just do the onButtonPress function in the plugin, which directly calls a Lua function.

Am I over-thinking this? Does it matter?

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