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Retreiving data using dataSaver.load

simransimran Member
edited June 2014 in General questions
I am saving the game scores using dataSaver.save(), but not able to retrieve them.Here is my code

Here is what I have tried:
--in init()
self.sets = {}
self.sets[1] = 0
--in EnterFrame
if collision then
sets = dataSaver.load("|D|Scores")
for _, val in pairs(Scores) do
table.insert(self.sets, val) --value in self.sets are not getting inserted
self.Highest = self.sets[#self.sets]
count = count + 1
dataSaver.save("|D|Scores", count)



  • HubertRonaldHubertRonald Member
    edited June 2014
    Hi @simran

    Try the next in your main.lua
    sets = dataSaver.load("|D|sets") -- loading data
    if  (not sets) then -- create "sets" if it doesn't exists
    	sets = {}
            sets.Scores = 0
            sets.GodMode = false
            sets.Goals = {}
    	dataSaver.save("|D|sets", sets)
    -- "sets" should be a global variable because you'll use it in different class
    For more detail check these links of our friend @ar2rsawseen


  • Hi Simran.
    Don't use load and save table in OnEnterFrame!
    Try saving Score in global parameter and when you need it save the value in table by dataSaver
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